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Inspirational cottage holidays in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales

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Holidays in the Yorkshire Dales England- stay in a self-catering cottage

Thinking of holidaying in the Yorkshire Dales and looking for more information about this part of Northern England? Yorkshiredalesengland.co.uk can help inspire you with our guides, images and information on what this area, Dale by Dale has to offer for very special breaks away. Rent a comfortable cottage or pine lodge as a cosy base to call home.

What the Yorkshire Dales Offers for Self-catering Holidays

The Yorkshire Dales is one of Britain’s top national parks covering vast expanses of moorland in north Yorkshire.  The first impression that a visitor gets coming to this area is remoteness – there is nothing but wilderness, heather and rocks, criss-crossed with moss clad dry-stone walls. Narrow roads travel up and down over the dales and into the valleys giving the unwary driver a rollercoaster experience. Hairpin bends and cattle grids add an edge to the drive. Small hump backed bridges carry the roads over tumbling brooks and rivers. Stand by the roadside and all you can hear is the sound of water tumbling and gurgling its way down the hillside.  This is a truly inspirational place.    
Solid sturdy stone farmhouses shelter hardy hill farmers. Their sheep stand stoically out on the hillsides, chewing the cud.

With its wonderful areas of outstanding natural beauty, the Dales are a wonderful area to enjoy a range of outdoor activities.

Where to Holiday in the Dales?

Made up of five main dales: Malhamdale, Upper and Lower WensleydaleRibblesdale, Upper and Lower Wharfedale and Swaledale, each has its own unique attractions and appeal.

Nights are inky black – a strange experience for city dwellers. Stars stand out vividly. Brightly coloured pheasants and rabbits are a common sight; neither shows much fear of man, they continue their usual activities without a care. It’s a thrill to spot a hawk eating road kill. 

It’s evident that stone was the building material of choice in years gone past. The original village houses, especially in high streets are constructed of stone blocks to insulate the inhabitants from the oft times extreme weather and harsh winter conditions.

Special Places in the Dales for Cottage Breaks

The small towns and villages of the Dales include some of the best known places such as Kirby Lonsdale, Grassington, Malham, Settle and Richmond and provide visitors to the Yorkshire Dales National Park with essential shops, pubs and entertainment. Because of the influx of tourists, especially in the summer months, there are plenty of outdoor wear shops, quaint tea shops but also small specialist shops that provide services and goods that are rare in larger towns and cities taken over by chain stores. It’s a pleasure to browse a country fare shop, the old fashioned sweet shops that still stock sweets and chocolates from a bygone age, admire the artwork in the small art galleries, or examine the curious contents of an antique shop.

The locals welcome visitors. They have time to stand and stare and are happy to tell visitors about the Dales.  Enjoy the free advice and local knowledge! The elements may be harsh but hearts are warm in Yorkshire, making this an excellent National Park for a cottage holiday.

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