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Oughtershaw Road - a recommended route in the Yorkshire Dales

Oughterhsaw Road

The Oughtershaw Road crosses a superb cross section of Yorkshire Dales scenery. It begins on the high moors where the Cam High Road leading from Hawes divides and continues through some of the most remote landscapes that the Yorkshire Dales has to offer. A single track road, it is favoured by cyclists for its lack of cars and the spectacular scenery on either side.

Oightershaw Road high up in the moors Yorkshire dales

There are occasional sheep farms although sheep have the run of the place and often escape the dry stone walls to walk their own path on the road itself.

High up on the moors, plants struggle to maintain their hold on life and wild flowers tend to be small and miserly, staying close to the ground, competing with mosses. There is a certain strange bleak beauty, especially when one can see for miles to the hills in the distance.

wild flowers oughtershaw road

Look to the east and you will spot Oughtershaw Tarn, an unexpected lake in the far distance.

Oughtershaw Tarm

Oughtershaw Road is narrow in parts which should not pose too much of a problem should you wish to park by the road for a while where there are grass verges although much of the road is bordered by stone walls or fencing. A small car park is unexpectedly encountered on top of the moors.

oughtershaw road car park

Travelling further south and mostly downhill, trees begin to appear in small groups and the landscape gradually becomes less heath-like. Lonely stone barns stand in fields serving their rural purposes. Dry stone walls in various conditions of repair crisscross more fields.  Boulders are scatted over the ground at intervals and sheep seek out tender grasses at the edges.

oughtershaw road heading south

Eventually the road draws nearer to Oughtershaw Beck and groups of stone cottages begin to appear – the first sign of civilisation for many miles. Now the land begins to display signs of cultivation and grassy meadows. The hamlet of Oughtershaw is just a handful of stone houses and barns with larger better established trees along the road and in their gardens.

Hamlet of oughtershaw

Some of the most stunning Yorkshire scenery follows where the road runs parallel with the clear sparkling waters of Oughtershaw Beck as it runs over its stone bed. Pastoral scenes -  as pretty as a picture can be seen of stream, sheep, rocks and meadows.

Oughtershaw Beck
Nearing Beckermonds, the distance between the road and stream begins to widen although the scenery remains beautiful with plenty of dry-stone walls dividing up swathes of fell and meadow and limestone rocks adorning the hillsides.

Oughtershaw road south end near Beckermonds

If you cycle, walk or have to drive, this is one of the most beautiful routes through the Yorkshire Dales and will leave you with wonderful memories of a Holiday in the Dales.