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Information about the village of Clapham in the Yorkshire Dales for Special Cottage Holidays

The village of Clapham lies on the A65 between Ingleton and Settle. This is great walking country;  the  Yorkshire dales are to the east , the Forest of Bowland to the west. and Cumbria within easy distance to the north west.

5 monutes from Clapham Yorkshire Dales on a crisp wintry dayThe walk up to Ingleborough, one of the Three Peaks at  over 720 metres, is one good reason why people visit Clapham. The views from the top are fabulous. On a clear day it's possible to glimpse the sea. There is also a nature walk through beautiful countryside with lots of wildflowers during the spring.

Ingleborough cave with its collection of stalactites and stalagmites is another attraction. There is also caving at the Trow Gill ravine where you can watch the climbers and cavers.  Gaping Gill is a 105 m deep pothole that the Fell Beck (stream) disappears into. This is pot holing country for the adventurous. The moors are scattered with limestone rocks,  fissured limestone pavement and large eroded rocks such as the Norber Boulders. 

Clapham Beck flows through the village of Clapham

Clapham Beck runs over its stony bed through the centre of the village of Clapham, essentially dividing the village into two halves.  On warm sunny days, children paddle in the river whilst their mothers sit chatting on the riverbanks enjoying the sunshine.  

Clapham footbridge

Two bridges allow people and vehicles to cross from one side to another plus there is a stone footbridge.  Clapham is a small village with a close-knit community, a church, a school, two coffee shops and a pub. The village stores are staffed by volunteers who believe that keeping the shop open is beneficial for the residents.  There is a curious vintage shop that sells an eclectic collection of items old and new. If you ever need a replacement crystal or glass stopper for an old bottle, you may just find it there.

Clapham Village Store

Set on the western edge of the Yorkshire Dales, Clapham is a popular spot for tourists who come to visit the caves, the nature trail and to explore this small but very pretty village. The local houses are made of limestone and line the side of the road on either bank of the river.

On the north western side of the town near the entrance to the nature trail is a conservation area with a mix of period and newish cottages. Many of the properties and surrounding farmland belongs to the Farrer family who also own the caves and nature trail. A policy of letting the cottage to locals ensures that the village continues to be inhabited by people from this part of Yorkshire. Reginald Farrer was a botanist, who like many with his interest, collected plant specimens from far and wide and attempted to establish them in Yorkshire soil. A self-payment machine and box with a printed guide stands at the entrance to the trail. There is also a path to the caves from the conservation area  via Clapdale Lane and across the fields.

Entrance to Clapham Nature Trail

Children get very excited after seeing the Ingleborough caves and come out babbling about stalactites, stalagmites and rocks, especially if it their first experience of being underground.  The caves are floodlit and accessible for all abilities. Dogs are also permitted on lead.  Access to the caves is on foot via the nature trail and is a two kilometre walk on gravel paths that are suitable for baby buggies and wheelchairs.

Good walkers may wish to go that bit further beyond the caves to view Trow Gill Gorge which was carved out by glaciers during the Ice Age. The entire Dales are a geologists dream. Rocks lie scattered over moorland, cliff faces, limestone pavements and gorges all await discovery.  Schools and interest groups may be interested in the outdoor courses and activities run by Ingleborough Hall, an outdoor activities centre based in Clapham.

A large public car park with toilets provides ample space for visitors to Clapham. This is conveniently situated off the eastern bank of the river behind one of the tea shops.  There is also a good children’s playground along the same road.

Clapham Pay and Display Car park

Clapham is a pleasant village to explore on foot because there are attractive gardens, people selling home-gown plants, stone plant pots and other local goods.  Both cafes sell refreshments and there is the pub for meals.

Clapham cottage selling home-grown plants



Clapham Station is unusually located just over a mile’s distance from the village of Clapham. It is part of a community line, the Bentham Line Group and trains run to Settle five miles away, Skipton and onwards. The journey provides a relaxing way of taking in the countryside and a wander around Settle or Skipton. It is possible to drive to the station from Clapham, down Station Rd and then across the A65 and onwards for about 1.25 miles in all.

Clapham Station

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