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Inspirational cottage holidays in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales

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FAQs - Answers to your Questions

Q. How do I find a holiday cottage on yorkshiredalesengland.co.uk?

A. We aim to bring you a good choice of good quality Yorkshire Cottages both in and near to the National Park. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Why not call one of the agencies listed on the site? Agencies usually have a choice of holiday accommodation, not all of which may be listed on our sites so if you need more choice give them a call. One agency with a choice of accommodation in Yorkshire is Sykes Cottages and they can be reached on 01244 500 540. There are others though, so see ads for phone numbers.

Q. How do I book a cottage?

A. Yorkshire Dales England Holidays works with key partners to give you a choice of accommodation in Yorkshire and the stunning Yorkshire Dales National Park. Bookings are not with Yorkshire Dales England Holidays but are instead with either independent agencies or individual cottage owners. Terms and Conditions of Booking: You should always ask for a copy of the terms and conditions of booking before proceeding with a booking and it is advised that you take out holiday insurance to ensure that you have cover in case you need it. It is also advisable that you speak to owners or agencies before placing your booking so that they can answer any questions you may have.


Q. Are the cottages listed pet-friendly?

A. Many but not all of the cottages listed on yorkshiredalesengland.co.uk are pet-friendly. See individual advertisements for details of whether properties are pet-friendly and for the number of dogs welcome. If in any doubt, send the owner or agency an email to ask for more information.

Q. Are all cottages listed family-friendly?

A. Most holiday cottages listed are family-friendly but exceptions do exist, for example properties which are specifically for 2 people and more suited to romantic breaks and properties with features such as unfenced ponds which aren’t suitable for those with children for health and safety reasons. Ads should specify whether or not the property listed is family friendly. Again, if in any kind of doubt get in touch with the owner or agency and ask about the property’s suitability before placing a booking.

Q. Which is the best part of the Yorkshire Dales to stay in?

A. Finding out where is best to stay in the Yorkshire Dales will very much depend on how you wish to spend your time on holiday and what you want to see. It’s useful to do some research on places you want to visit and things that you want to see before booking a cottage and decide on the area that best suits you from there. If you need inspiration see our Places to Visit section.


Q. How do I stay safe in the Yorkshire Dales?

A. Apply commonsense, the Yorkshire Dales can be as dangerous anywhere that is exposed and isolated. If you suffer an injury you will want to be able to call for the emergency services so carry a mobile phone and as an added precaution let someone know where you plan to go and a rough idea of your return.

It's also wise to have some form of insurance should your car breakdown. You may be left stranded miles from anywhere with no one to help get your started or change a flat tyre.