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Hawes Views

Hawes is a popular tourist village in Upper Wensleydale - a town surrounded by splendid scenery that offers a good number of places to visit and good amenities. Roads leading from Hawes take holidaymakers to some of the most stunning places in the Dales. Many of the buildings and cottages in Hawes are built of local stone.

The village of Hawes, north Yorkshire

You may notice certain features in Hawes and throughout Wensleydale. There is a tradition of placing big rocks on the columns of gate posts and on walls around gardens. There is no practical reason for this, just something that people do.

Rocks used as decoration in Hawes Wensleydale

Welsh poppies in HawesBrightly coloured yellow Welsh poppies grown in gardens and also wild in various rocky nooks and crevices throughout Wensleydale.

Visitors are often surprised at the number of hanging baskets and window boxes in the Yorkshire Dales. The locals make a great deal of effort to celebrate summer in these cooler northern areas to colourful effect. Another attractive feature is window displays. Because so many houses have frontages on the pavement, passersby are able to enjoy a scene or collection created by the resident on the inside windowsills.

The best time for wild flowers in Wensleydale is spring to early summer. Any avid spotter would recognise typical British wild flowers. These grow best in the lower lying meadows. Summer fields full of buttercups are a golden delight. The combination of fresh greenery, flowers, trees and limestone is what makes to Yorkshire Dales so stunning.

So much of the Dales is covered with grazing sheep. These can be in the fields or wandering free in the more remote places and moors. These particular sheep keep the grass short behind the Dales Countryside Museum and 'Pay and Display' car park.

Sheep grazing on grass in Hawes behind the Dales Countryside Museum

Hawes Hogh Street, shops and eateries

The A684 forms a loop of a one-way system in Hawes town centre. This is where the majority of shops and eateries are found.  There are plenty of antique shops and gift shops to browse - somewhere to purchase that special Yorkshire Dales souvenir to take home.

Hawes town centre shops and eateries

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