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Malham Cove

Malham Cove

An enormous limestone cliff stretches across a hillside above a gentle green and pleasant valley. This cliff is an attractive place for climbers who try to scale its heights. There are various heights because the land is higher at certain points which gives people opportunities to scale the rocks where they feel most comfortable. Steps have been carved out of the hillsodes to make the upward climb easier for walkers. Visitors come to marvel at this huge expanse of limestone and to watch the intrepid climbers. The field of stone lies at the top of the cliffs and is a big attraction in itself.

Climbers at Malham Cove

A steady stream of visitors walks from the village of Malham and enters a pathway which leads across the boulder strewn valley below the cliff. A stream flows through the valley, cattle graze the meadows and the whole scene is rural and picturesque. Malham Cove is managed by the National Trust.

The pathway to Malham Cove from the village

A steady flow of tourists walks to and from the village of Malham. The best time to visit is mid-week. Naturally summer months bring out the holidaymakers but be prepared for all weathers because a Yorkshire summer can be quite chilly with temperatures as low as 10 degrees in June!

Tourists walking from Malham village