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Inspirational cottage holidays in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales

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Travelling to and around the Yorkshire Dales

One thing you realise soon after your arrival in the Yorkshire Dales is that there is an awful lot of uphill and down dale to be done, either on foot or in a car. Both require a certain amount of concentration and effort. Your reward is the fabulous views that you encounter.

Numerous country lanes and footpaths intersect  the Dales, most of which are very well signposted. Click between Terrain, Satellite and Map view to find nearest towns in and around the Yorkshire Dales. 

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Weather in the Yorkshire Dales

One thing is certain, the weather in Britain is unpredictable. It's always advisable to take enough clothes for 4 seasons. With a bit of luck the sun may shine constantly but just in case it doesn't, waterproof clothing will help keep the rain on the outside.

It can be quite misty on the fells during colder weather so it's wise to have a GPS system or good maps and a compass to navigate.

Nights are black in the dales. We would recommend that you arrive at your destination before dusk unless you know the roads. It's very difficult to read signs in the dark and there may be no one about to ask for directions.

  1.  The M6 motorway runs down the west side of the Yorkshire Dales, the A1 to the east.
  2. The A65 and A59 border the south of the Dales, the A66 the north of the Dales.
  3. The Yorkshire Dales are easily accessible for the large populations of the major cities of Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle - easily possible for a day trip although it's always preferable  to make life easy and stay overnight.

 Take a look at accommodation in the Yorkshire Dales for a suitable place to stay.