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Short Breaks near Catterick in the Yorkshire Dales

Catterick is a small hamlet situated to the east of the  Yorkshire Dales, near Swaledale, and the name is associated with one of England’s legendary racehorse tracks since 1783. Most people would drive through it if they were attending the races or perhaps worked in the local garrison or in Croft motor racing circuit. Whether you plan to walk in the Dales, go racing or explore this part of north Yorkshire, one of the best and most comfortable forms of accommodation is a holiday cottage or log cabin. Find a selection of self-catering cottages near Leyburn and Catterick to rent as a place to rest your head between adventures in the Dales.

Despite, being overlooked in many ways, Catterick does contain an extraordinary past and is an unusually curious and charming village to explore on a sunny day, provided you have plenty of time to make the most of exploring this astonishing area. It has some deep associations with the ancient Romans and Scots. If you are interested in touring the Dales, then Catterick is a particularly convenient point to plan a more detailed journey into The North York Moors, and the surrounding areas.

In hot weather, the area can be an excellent spot to go walking or rambling for a breathe of fresh air, a spot of picnic and some exercise to boost your circulation.

Catterick, is located on A1, The Great North Road, and, although it has some convenient transport links through the rail network, the ideal way to arrive is by car, especially if you are carrying heavy hiking gear or photography equipment to take some shots of the countryside. There is much to see in the vicinity in terms of a small village settlements, and on the west of Catterick lie routes  leading to three villages of Arkengarthdale, Wensleydale and Swaledale. They are of significant historic importance as excavations show that they formed part of an ancient Scottish or Roman military settlement, when this part of England was a battleground for many invasions. Furthermore, the ancient market town of Richmond is also worth visiting because it is picturesque, quaint and the market days are quite extraordinary, something to experience, if you have never been to one in England.

The whole of the Dales is well known for its remarkable walking and hiking trails, and the area around the hamlet of Catterick is no different. It is a question of making the time get the most out of your activity jaunt whilst you are in the Dales.

Holiday makers can walk within the area of River Swale to enjoy some of the most fascinating country trails the North Dales have to offer. However, Catterick, has some additional features that will be of considerable interest too, such archeological digs and historic monuments.

If it is war history you are interested in then, you will be pleased to learn that it was at this point near the river that, Catterick was the stronghold that, prevented many an invasion, during Roman times. The area has been the subject of many excavations indicating that the Romans built a castle here in AD79. The Romans had named this area or hamlet ‘’ Cataractonium’’, a name stolen from the Scots and the Romans further distorted the meaning of it with the Latin “cataracta’’ meaning waterfall.

In terms of things to see and do, there is plenty, so if you were to plan your holiday in detail then you could visit a lot longer, and participate in various activities from.

Another astonishing luxury high end sporting event is the Croft motor racing circuit and holds some highly publicised motoring. It is a excellent source of entertainment, and also has provided some employment in the surrounding areas. Which could be some of the reasons why Catterick village has failed to get the attention it deserves on the Yorkshire Dales tourism list.